A foreign managed local company, with over 25 years of experience living and working in Indonesia, we are totally focused on providing actual help to get your company to be part of the largest economy in South East Asia.

Our B2B services are all you need to establish contacts and a strong presence in the country.


We guide and assist businesses to find the best path for success in this market no matter what the product or service. Whether the requirement is for contacts, partners, software development, distribution, or sales and marketing, we have the connections you require. We can also assist in local promotions and media access to launch or enhance your business throughout Indonesia.


Many of our projects are in the digital world, ether digital advertising, social media or online directories, Indonesia is a country in love with the internet and it is one of the most rapid areas of growth in any Asian country. Talk to us on how we can help you find the right low cost resources in the country to propel you into the mobile market place.


We have an extensive network of local celebrities, international footballers and international artists with whom we have worked on many occasions. We can offer a service to arrange and contract any advertising or promotional needs you may have, with the biggest influencers in the social media capital of the world.


Developing a mobile e-commerce  application,
Asian tour of 18 English Premier league players,
Create a human resources mobile application for Indonesia,
Marketing a digitization system for the national telco,
B2B campaign for an Insurance company,
Sales representation for a social media listening device,

Sales And Marketing

With close ties to many direct sales forces and distribution channels we can get products and services into the right hands straight away to ensure the best chances of success. We are also able to carry out sales calls and email campaigns on your behalf using well trained local sales people.


Our database has over 100,000 business contacts giving unique access to decision makers across all Indonesia. We also have segmented and organized consumer databases totaling into the millions


Much of the experience in the company is in the telecommunications, banking, insurance, digital and entertainment sectors and we are able to arrange introductions to the right person in many organizations to allow companies to reach their goals in a timely and economical fashion.


Many of our projects have an element of corporate social responsibility as our core belief is that we should contribute to the empowerment of Indonesians to reach their full potential.
Our digital programs are an example of this where we set out to make it easier to find a job for blue collar workers for free and for the unbanked and rural areas to access e-commerce via an assisted internet application.

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